TMT Members

The Threat Management Team is composed of staff and faculty members with special expertise and professional training who work together to address behavior perceived as intimidating, threatening, or violent. The team is intended to augment existing systems and is convened when departments or individuals need help responding to a particular situation.

Please Note: TMT members who have an asterisk (*) at the end of their names are incident coordinators.

Name Department
Ricardo Alcaino, MPA Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment / Title IX Compliance
Angela Andrade, Ph.D.* Dean of Student Wellness, Division of Student Affairs
Caroline Adams J.D. Campus Ombuds, Office of the Ombuds
Kirsten Olson, Ph.D.* Manager, Academic & Staff Assistance Program; Certified Threat Manager
Cynthia Brown, Ph.D. Professor, Department of French & Italian
Cindy Doherty* Director, Academic Personnel
Aaron Ettenberg, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
Dustin Olson, M.S. Chief of Police, UCSB Police Department
Sydney Roberts, J.D.* Employee & Labor Relations Specialist, Human Resources
Nancy Hamill, J.D. Chief Campus Counsel