Tips for Being Prepared at Work

Department Safety Plan

The following are the basic building blocks for the development of a departmental safety plan:

  • Identify the physical security needs of the department
  • Discuss and coordinate emergency strategies with department employees
  • To the extent possible, arrange for limited and authorized access to the affected work area
  • Establish protocol for calling the Police (emergency/non-emergency)
  • Develop prearranged office procedures to alert others to the need for help
  • Develop a procedure to cease normal operations and secure the premises
  • Outline emergency evacuation procedures
  • Evaluate the need for security alarm, panic button, surveillance cameras, security personnel, etc.

Employees should mentally "map out" a personal survival strategy in the event of workplace violence.

Workplace violence incidents will differ greatly and each situation will dictate a different response. The particular circumstances of a given situation will suggest which of, and in which order, the following should occur:

  • Report to the Police by dialing 9-1-1 at the safest opportunity
  • Alert others (signals, codes, alarms)
  • Activate prearranged safety and security plan
  • Secure surroundings, lock doors
  • If appropriate, evacuate employees/leave the area

Source: UC Santa Cruz Human Resources

Security Assessment

For a department security assessment, contact Rob Romero in the UCSB Police Department.